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Pooja Ranjan, is Herder in chief of Ethereum Cat Herders and Founder of Avarch LLC. She became part of the blockchain community in 2016 by learning about the Ethereum blockchain. Founded Avarch LLC in 2017 with EtherWorld as her first project to create awareness about blockchain technology. Publishing technical content, project updates and latest news, EtherWorld is one of the leading blockchain publishing websites...Read More

In 2020, with the preparation of Ethereum 2.0, BlockAction was launched as an explorer to support Beacon chain multiclient testnet since the launch of Witti testnet. The explorer is currently upgraded to provide information of the Beaconchain mainnet transaction.

Pooja has been actively contributing to the Ethereum Improvement Proposal Improvement Process (EIPIP) and EIP data analytics. She publishes a monthly EIPs statistics report. To extend continued support to the Ethereum community, she is all set to launch the next project EIPsInsight a data analytics dashboard for EIPs.

Pooja Ranjan is the Herder-in-chief at Ethereum Cat Herders, a decentralized project management group to support Ethereum Protocol. She is the host of a popular education series PEEPanEIP and have been supporting Ethereum Network Upgrade.

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While in conversation with Zayi Reyes, of ReallyBoringGuild, over Zoom, Pooja Ranjan, of Ethereum Cat Herders, glanced out a large window, every now and then.

Ethereum network upgrades, process improvement, community building, PEEPanEIP, Catblazer summary ’21, ECH engineering, meetings notes, grants & new initiatives.

As Ethereum Support Desk, we strive to share information on the latest research & development updates to the Ethereum community.

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Disse a líder da Ethereum CatHerders, Pooja Ranjan, uma das dez pessoas fundamentais por trás da atualização. “Ethereum fez história hoje”.

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